Is Aloe Vera as extraordinary as people say it is? ... You be the judge.

Read testimonials from people who have used Aloe Vera.




These are testimonials from members of the public who voluntarily sent in because having used Aloe Vera, they no longer suffer from conditions that sometimes they had lost hope of ever being free from.



I am writing to thank you for introducing me to Aloe Vera; it has certainly made a big difference in my life.

I have been suffering with arthritis in my spine, neck and shoulders for the past two and a half years, which set in after an accident at work. I was taking some very strong aspirin based tablets which upset my stomach and consequently had to take other drugs to line the stomach first.

It really was my lucky day when you introduced me to Aloe Vera because I no longer take any of those drugs!

I take 2 fl oz every morning and it really does the trick. Life is worth living again.

Thank you for the miracle of Aloe.

J W.



I just wanted to tell you how I cured a really bad burn with your Aloe Vera. I really thought it was a hospital case and very painful. Remembering the facts in your booklet, I was delighted that the pain went almost immediately and the burn has healed quickly and without a scar.

I do feel everyone should know about this, it really is miraculous.

Julia L.



Thank you for introducing me to Aloe Vera, it has had an amazing effect on my life.

I have diabetes and since drinking the “gel” each day there have been some marked improvements in my well being over the last three months. Probably the most profound effect is that I have had to cut my insulin intake by half, which has allowed me to reduce my weight steadily and balance my glucose levels at a more acceptable level.

Ian W.



I have suffered from eczema for 7 years and it has driven me mad at times. I have tried all the creams on the market and got fed up of booking appointments with doctors when it has not helped at all.

Since I have been using the Aloe Vera cream my eczema has completely vanished. I am so pleased and at last I can sleep all night.

Mrs. Margaret L.



I have suffered with psoriasis for 20 years, tried all types of medication and been in and out of hospital several times with the condition.

I was so pleased to try an Aloe Vera cream which was very soothing and helped to heal my skin.

Eight weeks ago I couldn’t even hold a pen to write this short letter, thank you for your help and trust.